Welcome to gabywolferink.com,  website of a qualified qualitative researcher, passionate about ethnography, human geographypolicy research, and social sciences.

You probably found this web page after googling my name because I have sent you a job application, or perhaps you’ve seen my name on a conference programme, or soon, hopefully, on a published paper and you wanted to know more about me. Or you just got here by accident. That is fine too.

I am a very open person, and love to share my ideas about the world around me with the world around me. I always try to blog regularly (and regularly fail to do this regularly), and ask for people’s opinions about my ideas. Also, I’d like to be able to show people myself what I and my work are about, rather than people having to fit the pieces together themselves through various websites. I like things to be easy and straightforward if they can be.

For now this is just a website with my contact details, some information about my completed PhD project, research interests and a semi-active blog, but I hope to make it a hub for my professional adventures and outputs that are yet to come (and if you think you can help me with that by offering me a job where I can put my talents and passions to good use, drop me a message!).