Workfare vs Work fair?

....?What do I want to write about? Here, in papers, in my thesis? It is all still a blur. Not because I fail to see things, but because I am seeing so many important things happening around me that I wish I could write about (and solve) it all.

I am seeking to write a bit about workfare, about sanctions by the job centre, about the expectation that people should just be able to find work, and if they cannot it is their fault. About the fact that people think volunteering is going to fix a lot of things that government can’t or won’t do. About the fact that people get sanctioned for not going to one of two simultaneously planned activities that are both obligatory. About the fact that the whole online jobseeking process is flawed and not fit for all job markets and their workforce. About how people feel they are treated in Job Centres, by the public, and ultimately themselves.

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