Hello September. Another month, another job interview.

It’s the first of September today.


“NO WAY!!!!???”





I just cannot believe how quickly this year is going. It was only yesterday that it was the 5th of January when I officially started the last bit of my PhD, and only 2 blinks of an eye ago that I had my viva. 1 that I had my graduation ceremony.

And in about two milliseconds I’ll have a job interview. The job interview I nearly missed out on all together as I saw the opening too late, after the deadline, but still decided to give it a try, as I felt I just had to try it. And then I got the invite. I was thrilled. Am thrilled. But I hope this is _the one_. Of course, you always hope that today’s job interview will be your last in a while, and yes, at this point I only apply for jobs that I _really_ want, because luckily I can afford myself that luxury, but this job… THIS JOB… it seems to have everything I want, can, and will do to get my career started.

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Goodbye Academia…. Hello ‘real’ world!

20155731_1461099997283692_982611095302017944_nIt’s been a while.

I’ve graduated, and am an official Doctor now (no, not that kind of doctor…..). I’m proud that I can use that title, and I have already used it on purpose (renting a car!) as well as by mistake. To tell a bit more about the latter, I blame the nerves. When my dentist’s assistant asked me whether it was Ms or a Mrs, I giggled ‘Well, actually, it’s Dr…!’ because I hadn’t been to the dentist in 7 years and was scared as hell. I was blushing when they called my name in the waiting room… “Dr Wolferink!?”. Slightly embarrassed I got up and ran into the treatment room. well, slighty embarrassed, and a bit proud. OK, very proud, but also still embarrassed, because who else but me (and my parents) really give a damn about that title?

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