Finally finally finally I have gotten to the data chapters of my doctoral thesis. And it is amazing. I had been struggling a bit, I will be honest with you, with the official obligatory sections such as the methodology and the literature review, which are still in need of some serious work. It’s not that I do not want to deal with that, that I don’t see the value of it. Of course, without grounding my research properly it will have no basis, no footing, but in the end, what I want to do with my thesis, or through my thesis, is to tell stories, to tell stories of unemployment and volunteering.

I have worked very hard today to get my section on digital exclusion going. This is an important section for me, for,  as you might know, everything job searching related is digital nowadays. But something you might NOT know, or realise to be a major issue, is that not everybody has access to a computer or the skills to navigate the digital world of job seeking. People have no money to buy a computer, let alone an internet connection. Yet, they are expected to get along with all the new changes and expectations that come with an ever-more digitising job searching landscape. 24/7 reachability, netiquette, and just the basics of knowing how to type an @ or how to open a browser to begin with.

It is these people I want to get their stories out of. The job searching process and what is expected of them is unfair. It is a maze. It is absolutely bonkers, using the most academic word I could find for this. Bonkers. That is what it is. And if I can support my claims of this being bonkers by standing on the shoulders of my academic heroes and examples, I will gladly do so. And I sincerly hope my storytelling will make a difference in peoples’ opinions about unemployment, but also on the expectations put on the voluntary sector to deal with or even solve those problems.

Ironically I have multi-tasked a bit for the last hour or so, updating my LinkedIN profile. Reading up on how to get noticed by recruiters, and where to find the best jobs via LinkedIN. Also, I will post this on LinkedIN because having an active profile is supposed to be good. So here I am, recruiters! Contact me! Otherwise… Well… I hope I don’t need to go to a work club anytime soon to ask for advice on how to find myself a job in the upcoming months…

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